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Important Things You Should Know When Choosing Piano Storage Facility Pianos are considered to be specialty items that has to be taken care as best as you could just so you can keep its beautiful sound and its overall quality. Whether it is a new piano in your living room or an heirloom passed down to you from your great-grandmother, you will have to take really good care of it. People may have different reasons why they may need to have their pianos stored and it could be because they are moving, or downsizing, remodeling, or perhaps they just have plans of changing the d?cor. When you choose a storage facility, your number one priority must be to keep your piano safe. Below are some of the things that you should take into consideration when planning to have your piano stored in a good and specialized storage facility: The Importance of a Controlled Climate You should know for a fact that humidity, cold weather, heat, and rain are all major factors that could actually endanger the condition of your piano. You might not know it yet but they are very temperamental and it is very important that you kept them in a climate-controlled facility so that you can see to it that they are in good condition all the time. You have to consider the fact that the strings, keys, and wood will all be affected in the worst way even with just the slightest change of temperature.
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In order for you to ensure the safety and condition of your piano when moving it in and out of the facility is to have professional movers handle the process. Inquire if your chosen storage unit facility can provide you with trusted movers in order to take responsibility in moving your piano. One thing that most people would do is to move their piano on their own which turns out to be the biggest mistake to make as the owner of a piano. Doing this only poses a risk to both the safety of your piano and yourself. Know Their Approach in Ensuring Your Piano’s Quality It would be best if you also know how they would store pianos. You could also ask them for pictures as proof of the pianos that are stored in their storage facility. See to it that they would always wrap your piano with special moving pads and that they will ensure that it is stored safely and with security. It is also very important that you be able to talk to them regarding any concerns that you may have and if there should be anything else they need to look out for. Know How Easy It Is To Get Your Piano In and Out If you are planning to have movers take care of your piano especially in moving it in and out of the facility, you must ask them how easy that is. Although you might want to have your piano moved as soon as possible, it would be best if you also know when can you have it moved in or out.

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