Factors Affecting Gold Prices

When we talk about gold, of course this will be an exciting business talks, because the precious metal has been used for generations by those who passed away, and is the most valuable commodity in the world, not even rare where the gold is always contested. If the first gold for the currency used in several major countries, gold is now used as jewelry and investment vehicles. It starts from the use of paper money began to be introduced into the world to replace gold as a currency. Although gold prices are sometimes unstable, is only temporary, because the outline gold prices tend to rise from year to year. This is what makes investors prefer gold as an investment rather than choosing a savings bank deposits. Continue reading “Factors Affecting Gold Prices”

Government and Entrepreneur: Should Cooperate or Walk Alone-alone?

Talk about this interesting topic has been widely raised in various writings, seminars, workshops, and so on. But anyway we were never bored listened because this is one of the relevant issue of all time. Both are more often the subject of discussion in recent years.

Policy makers (bureaucrats) say entrepreneurship is a way of improving the economic situation of the nation. They tend to think of entrepreneurship as the infrastructure needs to be built as soon as possible and make a real impact for economic development. Continue reading “Government and Entrepreneur: Should Cooperate or Walk Alone-alone?”

7 Business Tips from Rheinald Khasali

Young Entrepreneur Mandiri, Rheinald Khasali summarizes the experiences of some successful young entrepreneurs. Including tip their success. Please refer to, who knows you could learn from him.

1. Enjoy the beauty of creative thinking
Being creative means always opened the door and explore the options. As John C. Maxwell said, “Talent is not enough. Nor IQ. All new to the potential, and any potential need to find the door.” The trick? Dare to try. Continue reading “7 Business Tips from Rheinald Khasali”