Apple Commemorates Mac’s 30th Anniversary With Movie Shot By iPhone

Like no other time before, Apple celebrated its 30th anniversary last Monday by abandoning the traditional practice of running commercials on TV but rather directing a video all by itself with, of course, iPhone and Mac.

To mark the 30th anniversary, Apple sent a team to 10 countries on five continents and made this “1.24.14” movie in which presents a wide range of things people are doing in their life and career with Apple products. From daily routines like browsing news to conducting a concert, the video shows just how it fulfilled its brand message to “put technology in the hands of the people” since Mac was first introduced to the public 30 years ago in 1984.

Instead of paying for airtime, this time Apple chose to put the video on its official website and made use of the traditional media, YouTube to attract the interests and eyeballs of people. The two-minute ad was created by TBWA Worldwide, the same agency that made the 1984 ad. You may not feel familiar with the history of Mac OS, here let’s take a quick look at it.

Mac OS has a long history to go since the day it was born. A simple one would be like this: the first version of Mac OS (simply called System) is easily distinguished between other operating systems from the same period because it was one of the first operating systems to use an entirely graphical user interface or GUI rather than a command line interface. Additional to the system kernel is the Finder, an application used for file management, which also displays the Desktop. The two files were contained in a folder directory labeled System Folder, which contained other resource files, like a printer driver, needed to interact with the System. Up to today, Mac OS has developed more than nine systems and still keeps developing.

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Use the T Mobile Prepaid SIM and Save the Roaming Charges

There are some web portals available online which provide SIM cards for USA at minimum price and for very less documentations. If you are using Smartphones or iPhone then you must take an advanced Sim cards for Us because it needs high speed internet access and connectivity. These websites offer various types of SIM for USA and they have different plans and facilities.

What are the features of the SIM cards for USA?

It is very difficult to buy SIM cards in USA because you can face some troubles like, language barriers, documentations and activation procedures. But now it is very easy to take a mobile connection before you take the flight. Some web portals offer T mobile prepaid for USA for travellers and they can buy these connections from their website easily. You can book these SIM cards from online portals and avail all the features.

a) Today, internet connection and data uses are a mandatory part of the lifestyle because you have to access your mails anytime. If you are an apple user or if you use an updated iPhone then you have to take a high speed SIM connection. These portals provide Nano SIM cards for USA which provide all the services in your updated technological devices.

b) They provide micro SIM for Smartphones, iPhone and iPad-4 users. This connection is mainly used for these devices and you can access all the data plans by using this micro SIM for USA.

c) If you use an iPhone which requires 3G connections then you can buy a standard SIM connection easily.

All these mobile and data connections are available online and you can select one according to your phone and device requirements.

T mobile SIM cards: fact and features

T mobile prepaid SIM is very useful and you can avail all its facilities in and around USA. This connection provides unlimited calls and text messages and you can also access free data plans. Some web portals offer T mobile prepaid for USA for travellers and they can buy these connections from their website easily.

a) You can take this SIM connection free of cost.

b) You can make unlimited calls in and around USA.

c) You can send unlimited text messages.

d) The T mobile SIM provides unlimited internet access. But the first 1GB comes with 4G high speed connections and afterward it will provide 2G speeds only.

e) You can make unlimited calls to all land line connections around fifty countries.

Sports Betting Fun The Reasons You Can’t Lose Joining The Bandwagon

We all love competition, and we all like to win. Those who argue that winning isn’t everything are most likely okay with sitting in second position. The problem is, almost all competitions have to do with moving around of some kind, or sweating real hard. Online gaming has increasingly gained popularity in recent years, and the only muscles you must move to hit that jackpot are those in your hand controlling the mouse.

With the development of the internet and also the innovation of mobile gaming devices, online casinos are getting more hits than ever before. They attract just as many players as land casinos do, with the perk of giving their players the Las-Vegas style gaming environment all inside the comfort of their own residence. Those familiar with the casino gaming world have certainly heard of sports betting online. If there’s a sport, you can bet that there is a website for it. You like sports, you like wagering, you like victory. But there’s still something holding you back. But like the feeling before joining any sort of competition, it’s normal to feel cold feet. You just have to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Dip your toe in the pool of possibilities first before spending any real cash, just until you get comfortable enough to swim in those wagers! Many online sports bet sites have this feature of playing for absolutely free, so you don’t need to feel pressured about losing too much on your first game. Once you’ve taken that next step, get the joy of playing against people from around the world. Show off your wagering skills! Online sports bet sites are communities where everyone has one goal and hobby; being with so many others who have the same interest is pleasing, especially when you beat them at their own game!

Sports betting online is easy. All you need is your love for sports. With all your passion and patience plus the sports news the internet provides, your chances winning are high. There are many sites that give you quick tips on how you can be smart in placing a bet. Everything is pointing you victory, is it too good to be true? It almost is, actually. There are treats that await you once you register for sports betting. Sites like bet365 offer great welcome bonuses and have a number of promotions when you bet on your sports like basketball, hockey, football, soccer, tennis, and so on. The easiest reward comes simply by signing up! Fans stay updated with the latest sports news different leagues all found on one site. Plus, sites like bet365 have a referral bonus, where members are treated every time they ask a family member or friend to join them. Online sports betting is a pleasurable activity that also allows you to relieve stress. There is no time to one’s wager, only infinite possibilities!

Where to Catch Latest Sports News Headlines

Sport news headlines are an important part of all the news coverage today. With the advancement of information technology it has become impossible to imagine about any game or event which is being missed. Today everybody is busy either in their personal life or professional life or any other major commitments. Events and tournaments are regularly updated via news channels over various websites and television channels. Increase in the importance of news and popularity in are the major reasons of establishing various related websites and blogs over internet. Though there are numerous sources of catching latest news headlines, but the most rapidly emerging source is internet.
All related news and sports results are available to audiences on these especially dedicated sports websites and portals which keep their readers informed about every event happening around the world related to sports. Other sources for sports news are sports magazines and journals. Such magazines are fully dedicated to cover all big news and happenings in the field of sports. All awaiting events and big games are also reported in such journals and magazines. So sports lovers can now search and look their favorite game’s news in television and sports magazines. Some examples of big magazines are News and Sports Illustrated, among others. Television is though a traditional but very popular form of providing reports and news to sports lovers. It offers live telecast of different sports for the viewers. Some of big sports channels are ESPN, CBC.
Online media is becoming more and more popular due to busy lifestyle of people. Sports related websites have got various advantages over other media. You not only can read latest sports news headlines but you can also participate in forums and discussions. You can even participate in contests and win prizes. Nowadays, smart phones and iPods have brought revolution, where you can download different software and widgets to get such news directly from many sports related websites. Internet offers a wide variety of active sports where you not only find yourself entertained but also you can access fresh and instant information.
Such websites and portals too make high profits by promoting latest availability of news. Sports journalism is also on a high rise. Increase in importance of sports has made sports journalism a profitable venture. However, quantitative information and messy sports agencies are bringing strong pressure to produce qualitative and professional information. Supportive activities are needed to promote a high level of sports news headlines. Apart from daily sports news, websites also offer every latest update in sports world. Online media gives various opportunities to its viewers in many ways. They include quality contents on various sports like football, horse racing and hockey etc. some sports websites even provide customer care services where you can easily take help of experts regarding sports world. In sum, sports related websites and portals have proved their worth and are getting increasingly popular, where you can get sports news headlines, live scores, and even can watch matches live.

Football Drills Your Team Must Do Today

Training your football players at any age is a challenge. The game has become extremely active, and you must use a variety of football drills to help your players play the game the right way. When you take a look at how professional football is progressing, you will see that safety has become a serious concern. Every drill that you teach to your players should have safety in mind, and every drill listed below has that very same concern.

Tackling Properly

Every person who tackles someone in a football game must be tackling with their head up. Proper tackling has become a serious issue in the football community, and proper tackling can save someone from an incredibly serious injury.

When tacklers are approaching another player, they must be more concerned with keeping their head up than anything else. When someone keeps their head up while tackling, they have a reduced chance of injuring their neck. Also, they have a much greater chance of holding on to the person they are tackling.

The drills you teach to your players should focus on grappling players. Someone who is being tackled will go to the ground if they are tackled properly. Gone are the days of commanding all your players to get someone to ground by any means necessary. Grappling someone with the head up is most important.

The Defensive Backfield

Players in the defensive backfield must be trained to allow receivers their space before they can touch them. The rules of football have changed to such an extent that defensive players must know the precise moment when they can touch a receiver. When your defensive players know how much room they can give receivers, they can plan to intersect with a receiver’s route more effectively.

Therefore, you must train your defensive backs to read passing routes and not the receivers. When a defensive back has been trained to read passing routes, they can judge where to go based on the route. This prevents your defensive backs from touching the receivers illegally.


Holding happens on almost every play of a football game, but players must be taught how to use their hands without grabbing someone at the line. These drills can be done with tackling dummies, and each player must be taught to keep their hand open when they are blocking someone. The drills can be restarted when the players are holding, and each player can be trained systematically to never hold during the game. The greatest linemen in the history of football are rarely called for holding because of these types of drills.

When you are training your football players to play the game the right way, you need to start with tackling drills. You can spend a majority of your time teaching your players how to tackle people for their own safety. You must emphasize proper grappling so that players can tackle with their heads up. Your defensive backs must be trained to follow new offensive rules, and your linemen must be trained to never hold while blocking.

The Ever-growing Link Between Sports and Supplements

Sports and supplements have grown closer and closer over the years as sports people need to push themselves further and further, closer to the limits. This training process and their fitness levels demands not only a high level of commitment and dedication but a complete lifestyle in which their diets and exercise routines completely dominate their lifestyles, how else can one expect to be at the top of their game if they are not consistently in good shape and peak physical condition?

One of the most popular products that have made quite an impression on the sports and supplements scene is that of the whey protein powder, used by body builders, weight lifters and a variety of sporting professionals and amateurs alike. The use of such supplementation is widely accepted as the whey is a naturally occurring protein and often an extremely pure form which feeds the muscles during both training and participation within their chosen sport or activity. The whey protein from a sports and supplements perspective adds value to the sports person, as the fat content is limited and therefore is a great source of protein for an athlete who demands a lot from their body.

In addition to the use of whey as a source of protein, a large amount of other products can be and are utilised by these sports people and athletes, which enhance strength and endurance, which is ideal for the sports person participating in the more extreme sports that require more effort and a longer so called exertion phase. Although the sports and supplements link vary in accordance with the actual products used, as the needs of different activities require different elements in order to maximise the athlete, or sports person concern. Creatines have been known to aid in the development of the users strength, which in turn contributes towards the fitness and endurance levels of the trainer, whilst they are pushing themselves to the limit within the training phase of their efforts.

Sports and supplements have to maintain a natural product link, as any performance enhancing products that are not naturally occurring can result in the athlete or sports person being banned from participation and hence the use of these products are mostly based upon naturally occurring proteins and other supplements that can be found occurring naturally in foods and within the human body itself. However even the use of creatine has come under the spotlight in recent times and therefore prior to implementing these products, and should the athlete be involved with sports on a professional level, then expert advice would be recommended so as to avoid any possible banning or unnecessary trouble.

Sports and supplements are really designed to remain a value added partnership in order to maximise performance, as well as the goals and objectives of the user, on a natural product basis.

Which Sport to Play Lacrosse or Baseball

One problem that a lot of people have when it comes to spring time sports is to decide weather to play lacrosse or baseball. Going up the mid-west I really never had the chance to make that decision for myself. All that I knew was baseball in the spring, my friends played it, my brothers played it, even my dad played it. In essence baseball was the monopoly sport. Times have now changed though. Baseball is not the only option for young kids to play in the spring. We have seen the sport of lacrosse take off like wild fire in the Midwest. One thing that I learned while I was out in Maryland is that the spring is Lacrosse season. People that don’t have the endurance or athleticism play baseball. You know that saying �baseball is America’s favorite past time� well lets leave that in the past.
I am not trying to knock on baseball in any way. I played it for over ten years growing up and even in my first year of high school. I had fun playing the sport, but if I knew any better I would have chosen differently. I can distinctively remember the first time I saw the sport of lacrosse. It was when I was on vacation in California when I was in 8th grade, which would have been around 2004. I remember watching what was the college national championship and thinking to myself, why have I never seen or heard of this sport before? Lacrosse in fact is America’s oldest sport. It was played by the Indian’s and was even used as an alternative to war. The game looks much different now but you can still see the roots of the sport within the game. Every game is a battle. It’s a physical, tough, and fast battle that lasts all of about two hours. One thing that I love about the game is the feeling you get when the game is done. It’s a feeling of exhaustion, fatigue, pain and triumph. It’s a feeling that you can not get from many other sports.
Baseball and lacrosse are both great sports to play. Although I wish I know what lacrosse was when I was younger, I still had a lot of great times playing baseball growing up. My hope is that both games will continue to develop and that people can find their niche in either of them. After I graduate college my hope is to work with the lacrosse back home. There is so much to learn for the sport of lacrosse and it does feel great to take that knowledge of the game that someone helped you to develop and help for another kid to develop as a great lacrosse player and more importantly a person. There are so many life lessons that you can take away from the sport of lacrosse as well as other sports. Discipline and teamwork are the greatest ones that come to mind.

The Advancements Of Modern Mobile Phones

phone photoLearn how the modern cell phone got to what it is now by comparing it with its past versions. Be able to choose wisely from the current popular mobile phones by knowing the multitude of features these phones have.

Communication has quickly evolved over the years. The telephone reached great heights but there was one thing that was holding it back. This was because of being connected to a phone line at all times, making it impossible to bring around wherever you may go. Thus the invention of the mobile phone, otherwise termed as cellular phone or cell phone for short.

Mobile phones definitely made a splash upon their release to the public. No longer were people unable to leave their home phones in order to get calls from others. They would bring their mobile phones anywhere with a signal coverage to make and receive urgent phone calls or even just have a chat. Having a mobile phone is a luxury. After all, people enjoy chatting. Earlier versions of mobile phones enabled the user to call another mobile phone user anytime and anywhere. It was that convenient.

Soon, newer mobile phones were developed to further enhance communication. These cell phones had Short Messaging Service, or SMS, which allowed cell phone users to compose written texts and send them to others, who in turn can read these messages on their cell phone screen. This revolutionized a whole new communication trend.

The parts of communication involve a sender, a message, and a receiver. Modern phones with text messaging capabilities accurately abide by this principle. The only factor different with traditional communication to text messaging is that traditional conversations integrate feelings with their messages. Whenever a person speaks, his/her voice, tone, and pitch can be methods to express his/her feelings. With text messaging, the message is purely bland, although later on people developed styles of creating emoticons, which are basically a group of letters, numbers, or symbols illustrating faces expressing different emotions.

Mobile phones shortly developed Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS which allows the sending and receiving of pictures, videos, and music files. Soon, a multitude of other features were added as well, including GPRS, WAP, and EDGE, which were basically used to access the internet through the mobile phone.

With the addition of cameras, integrated MP3 players, and wireless connectivity such as infrared and Bluetooth technology, mobile phones were slowly turning into versatile multimedia devices. They rival even the functionality of the digital camera, and MP3 player. No wonder sales of these devices faltered while the sales of cell phones increased dramatically.

Cell phones are evolving faster every time. The current selection of mobile phones mostly incorporates 3G technology and wireless internet access. Other than the usual text messaging and voice calls, you now have the ability to view the person you are talking to with this 3G technology. Talk about a huge leap in the field of communication!

If you plan on buying a popular cell phone, take time to learn the variety of selections first. There are basically three types of cell phones in the market today. The first is the basic budget handset. It has all the basic functions you can expect from a mobile phone, minus the flashy gadgets and functions. They are basically plain and simple text and call mobile phones. The second is the multimedia phone. It still has the basic text and call feature, along with hardware peripherals such as cameras, wireless connectivity and more powerful speakers for music. Some also have built in radio as an added feature. The third type of cell phone is the smart phone. It is usually aimed for those business people on the go. The features include a full QWERTY keypad, named after the first sequence of letters in the computer keyboard. The smart phone has all the advanced features considering its very expensive cost. These features include wireless internet connection and browsing, email, and various applications that enable the user to view documents that can only be normally viewed using a computer.

With this selection in mind, you may want to reflect on what cell phone category you want to choose. First, consider your budget. Do you have the adequate finances to buy a brand new popular cell phone? Then, you should think about how you will use the cell phone. Do you find yourself actually needing those extra features in your everyday life? Do you actually need wireless internet connection on the go if you are already retired for instance? But don’t think poorly of this functionality. For example, if you are a typical student, you can use your cell phone for convenient web browsing. This would save you a lot of time. Therefore, it is wise to think it over before buying.

Part of what drives you to buy these popular cell phones would probably be due to the appeal of these gadgets to the general public. They are definitely eye candy. These gadgets are currently one of the luxurious items that everyone craves. Mobile phones are now established as status symbols in society. The newer the cell phone, the more popular you become. The more expensive the cell phone, the richer they regard you.

There is no great mobile phone. It is the perspective of the buyer that makes it so. There are so many phones that cater to different people with different statuses. What’s great for one group of people may not be great for another. Choose whatever phone you feel right for you.

Today, there are more people owning cell phones than people having regular phone lines at home. This speaks well to the mobile phone market. It is expected that mobile phones will still be a popular luxury for a long time.


Sports Flags

Sports fans have been using sports flags for years now to show team spirit and unwavering support for their teams. They hang their particular team’s flags on the walls of their homes, sporting rooms, dorms, and offices to show to all their friends how they continue to enthusiastically support their home basketball or football team. Sports officials also use flags to signal a player’s violation of rules during a game. In motor sports or water sports such as sailing, sports flags are also used as communication tools to all the participants. Some people hang flags in their yards or in front of their house to manifest their admiration for their state’s football, basketball or hockey team playing in the current season. They are proud to display these flags so their neighbors can see them flying in the wind as a testimony to their love for their team. All those passing by will know whom the homeowners will be rooting for in the current baseball season and nobody will have second thoughts about it. Because of sports flags hanging in front of their door too, everybody would know whose son or daughter would be playing for which school in the district. Car owners also often display flags inside their cars and they enjoy letting other people know which team they are supporting. They are proud to drive around with sports flags in their cars especially during those seasons when the team they are rooting for is playing, and more so if they are playing for the championships. It doesn’t matter if it’s only for the little league team or for the professional level; what’s important for them is their show of support by displaying their team’s sports flags.

You can find sports flags for other sports as well such as car racing, go-kart, motorcycling, rowing, yachting, cycling, rugby, soccer and snowmobile racing. Adoring sports fans usually bring flags so they can fly them at sporting events where their favorite team is competing, whether it is for the preliminary rounds or for the championships. Most flags bear the colors and logs of the team while some sports flags also carry a likeness of the player they admire very much. Many organizations which are involved in sports and sports development all around the world would have their own flags that represent them whenever they compete in sports meets or when they sponsor sports competition such as the Olympics, FIFA, Commonwealth Games, Goodwill Games, Special Olympics and other important international sports bodies.

Selling Your Technology Business – Business Broker or Merger and Acquisition Advisor

Most business owners only sell one business in their lifetime. The results of that sale can have a major impact on the financial future of the family. For most business sales we recommend that the seller engage a professional specializing in business sales to assist. There are two broad categories of professionals that engage in business sales – business brokers and merger and acquisition advisors. What should the seller be looking for? This article will discuss the type of services offered by both groups and help the business seller decide which professional to use.

Most business owners only sell one business in their lifetime. The results of that sale can have a major impact on the financial future of the family. For most business sales we recommend that the seller engage a professional specializing in business sales to assist. There are two broad categories of professionals that engage in business sales – business brokers and merger and acquisition advisors.

What should the seller be looking for? This article will discuss the type of services offered by both groups and help the business seller decide which professional to use.

The first criteria is type of business. Generally, business brokers specialize in €Main Street€ types of businesses such as dry cleaners, gas stations, restaurants, and convenience stores. M&A advisors specialize in more B2B types of businesses such as manufacturers, distributors, information technology firms, etc.

Size of Business – BB’s specialize in businesses under $1.5 million in revenues and M&A’s represent larger businesses or smaller businesses with a high component of technology or intellectual property.

The Targeted Buyer – BB’s are generally targeting individual buyers while M&A’s are seeking to locate corporate buyers.

Business Valuation – BB’s specialize in commodity type businesses that have €rule of thumb’ valuations that are consistently applied to arrive at a business selling price. There is usually a pretty narrow range of valuations applied to these businesses. M&A’s are recommended where there can be a broad interpretation of €strategic value€ and rules of thumb do not apply. A high component of Intellectual Property, a unique niche, a hard to penetrate customer base are characteristics that can demand strategic value and purchase prices can vary widely.

Complexity of Transaction – BB’s are generally selling to individual buyers that have a finite approach structuring the transaction. The contracts are usually fairly straight forward and the negotiations focus on price, financing, and seller notes. For the M&A’s the targeted audience is the corporate buyer with vast experience in acquiring businesses. They employ both an internal legal team and outside council and make the purchase contracts quite complex. The number one goal is protecting the corporation. The contracts are 35 pages of complex legal language and schedules of reps and warranties. The seller will need someone that is familiar in navigating in that environment. Corporations generally send in a due diligence team that is well versed on finding every little wart in a seller company and will attempt to reduce transaction value during the process. The seller will need good advisors to offset these pros.

Exclusivity – because the BB’s are targeting individual buyers, their audience is vast so exclusivity is sometimes required and sometimes not required. Business sellers often engage multiple non-exclusive BB’s to insure the broadest coverage in presenting their business to the buyer audience. BB’s are often part of a network of BB’s to help broaden this exposure. Sunbelt Business Brokers and BBN are two very good networks.

M&A’s require exclusivity because they are targeting corporate buyers and the audience of potential buyers is finite. These corporate buyers have M&A departments or sometimes the president handles the process. If a target is presented to a corporate buyer by more than one professional the credibility immediately drops and the chance of serious interest drops significantly.

Number of Clients Represented – BB’s want to represent as many business for sale as they can. When contacting their vast network of individual buyers it is a real benefit to have a vast inventory of companies. Because on this, their approach is more of a mass mailing, mass email, post the business on a business for sale Web site, type of approach and their attention is spread over 25 or more simultaneous clients.

M&A’s usually limit their number of engagements to 3 or 4 per professional at a time. Their approach is very hands on and labor intensive. M&A’s usually rely on a direct selling approach of calling the buyers and talking with the M&A department or the president. Often M&A’s will have specific industry niches and will have a customized data base of contacts. They often have had several prior contacts with the buyers and are able to penetrate the call screening that is set up to protect these individuals. A corporate buyer does not buy through a posting on a business for sale Web Site. A corporate buyer will open 2% or less of letter solicitations. A corporate buyer will read less than 1% of unsolicited and unknown emails. Corporate buyers demand personal and professional contact to get their interest.

Up-Front or Monthly Fees – BB’s generally will charge a minor up-front fee to begin the engagement or have a simplified valuation completed. Generally there is no monthly fee charged. M&A’s generally charge either a substantial up-front fee or a monthly fee in the $3500 to $10,000 per month range depending on the size of the business.

Success Fees – BB’s generally charge a success fee of 10% of transaction value. M&A’s generally have a sliding scale based on the anticipated size of the business. The known Wall Street firms that sell the mega businesses will not touch a transaction where they are not guaranteed $1 million in fees. The big regional firms require at least $750,00. The M&A firms that deal in the lower end usually charge considerably less than that with a minimum or $150,000 cash at close. If your transaction value is in the $10 million range, count on paying your M&A firm $300K to $400K.

Conclusions – The deciding factor is in cost benefit. An M&A firm is going to cost a lot of money and you are going to be paying either an up front or monthly fees without a guarantee of success. If your business is smaller and is a commodity type business or Main Street business where the target buyer is an individual, an M&A firm will not add much value and is not worth the fee.

If your business is larger, complex, unusual, strategic, with a high component of intellectual property or technology and subject to a broad interpretation of value in the marketplace, an M&A firm is the right choice. In the final analysis, is a swing of 20% in your company’s selling price worth $5,000 per month for 8 months?