This is 2 HP Brand Imports Most Lots in Indonesia

Indonesia will be the arrival of 20 million units more handphone (HP) imports which have been registered at the Ministry of Industry. HP brand the most entered Indonesia is the Cross and Samsung.

Director General of High Technology-Based Industry Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) senior official Budi said HP has been recorded in the Registration of Product (TPP) of the Ministry of Industry, which is just waiting for the realization of import.

“Samsung is one of the biggest markets right in Indonesia, but it’s the number one (volume) Cross,” Budi said when met at the Ministry of Industry.

Budi did not specify in detail how the cell phone unit has been registered, as the value of imports of Samsung’s larger than the Cross. “But it is a larger unit yes Cross. But if value is probably the Samsung because it is more expensive,” said Budi.

A total of 20 million units have been recorded in the HP Product Registration Mark (TPP) of the Ministry of Industry from January to April 2013. However, not all units of imports will be realized. Once registered, it must go through the verification in the Ministry of Commerce to get the Import Approval (SPI).

Rice Recipe: Gohan Takikomi

This Japanese-style spiced rice dish can be everyday. Makes it difficult for ditanak with a rice cooker. Additional fresh herbs and mushrooms makes tasting rice savory and crunchy. More delicious when warm bribed.

540 g of rice Japan / Cinajur super
450 ml of water
40 ml aqueous shoyu (shoyu usukuchi)
40 ml sake, if you like
10 ml thick shoyu (shoyu Koikuchi)
5 g dashi broth
100 g boneless chicken thighs
50 g shitake mushrooms, thinly sliced
50 g enoki mushrooms
50 g shimeji mushrooms, cut into pieces
30 g carrots, cut into pieces
50 g gobo, shaved thin

30 g boiled edamame
white sesame seeds

How to Make:
Wash rice and drain.
Enter the rice into the rice cooker.
Add other ingredients, mix well.
Cook until the rice cooked.
Stir the rice, put it in a serving container.
Give Topping ingredients.
Serve warm.

Serving for 4 servings.

Boy 14 Year Lease Online Prostitution Through iPad

Some reckless teens abusing technology developments. ABG like 14-year-old woman was desperate to hire prostitutes in a website.Unnamed offender living in Chicago, USA. One day she was alone at home when her parents are traveling.

Having in mind to hire a woman of prostitution. Then, he turned on iPadnya and visit the website to hire women calls prostitution.

Dareka woman named Brooks came to the house he asked the teen to get ready in the room. The teenager had only obeyed orders.

However Dareka iPad and even stole some money. Then he fled. The teen who was a victim immediately report to the local police.

Police tracked the Dareka not far from the victim’s home and arrested him. He was charged with theft.

Left Yahoo, RIM will worsen

Decisions on program Yahoo Yahoo! Smart Phone, Smart Fun seems increasingly difficult for RIM. In the program Yahoo no longer authorized to use the BlackBerry as a smartphone company. Dates status will make the image BlackBerry worse off.

Yahoo’s decision was taken after seeing the condition of the world smartphone market. They are no longer able to use the BlackBerry to help them develop new products for consumers. Instead they hand out free BlackBerry Samsung Galaxy X3, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC X One, HTC EVO LTE and iPhone 5. Yahoo brand is considered to represent the majority of their consumers.

Replacement official smartphone Yahoo are certainly adds BlackBerry negative performance. Replacement reflects BlackBerry smartphone idol no longer a customer.

RIM experienced its heyday a few years ago. During the BlackBerry managed to attract the attention of new features, RIM has become one giant gadget world. At that time, RIM has an agency force of 20,000 men, and the stock reached $ 140 per share. But this time it is a dream that has been lost.
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Stop Thinning Hair Tips

There are many hair problems that adversely affected the performance. One of them is the problem of thinning hair. Compared with men, from the psychological side, women are more bothered by the negative effects of thinning hair. If a lot to lose hair when you brush, you need to do the test, before going to the doctor for hair treatment.

Here is a way to test how much influence you to thinning hair. Comb hair on the pillow, or a comb from the top front of the head for 60 seconds, use a clean comb. If the hair is collected more than 50 pieces, then you are experiencing thinning hair and hair beauty treatment needs.

Here are some beauty tips to stop thinning hair.

1. Eliminate Stress
Stress is one factor that causes hair thinning, stress leads to brittle hair roots. Try to be more relaxed, when we feel anxious / stressed, we tend to breathe short using the upper chest muscles. This makes breathing becomes rapid and erratic. Try taking a long breath and regularly, it can reduce the level of anxiety / stress and make us quieter.
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Smart Mobile Pedestrian Detection

General Motors developed the technology to scan pedestrians or cyclists using the Wi-Fi Direct.

The workings of the system depends on the wireless connection WiFi Direct which allows the phone to share data or communicate directly. So, the system works not through the provider. Experts in GM technology called “self-aware connected cars”.

According to GM, with a wave of wireless Wi-Fi Direct, one’s existence can be detected around the vehicle. “Wireless waves can warn the driver when there is a pedestrian suddenly appeared from behind another vehicle parked or cyclists in the blind spot area,” explained Nady Boules, director of GM Global R & D of the Electrical and Control Systems Research Lab.

GM still have to develop advanced applications that are compatible with Wi-Fi Direct, and can be downloaded by all pedestrians and cyclists who have smart phones. By activating it, their presence will be detected automatically by the Wi-Fi wave of each vehicle.

To that end, GM should speed connectivity between one point and another WiFi Direct, the longest in 1 second. The system must first identify the type and origin of the wave and make decisions directly connected.
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Careful Shopping in Singapore, many Deception

Singapore has always tease anyone who comes to shopping. But be careful when shopping there. Quite often dealers fool you.

Fraud attempts through jack up the price with tax reasons. One of the tourists from Indonesia, Kurniawan Danang, nearly became the victim.

Goods in this place is not sold at fixed price negotiable alias. Some vendors sell electronic goods, especially gadgets, with a lower price.

Kurniawan had settled on one of the company’s smartphone origin United States (U.S.). The goods sold in the country with a price of about $ 8000. Traders in Lucky Plaza opening worth SG $ 750 price or exchange rate of $ 8000 to $ 10000.

Bargaining occurred, the phone was sold for SG $ 700 or $ 4000. “Wow, this is really cheap,” Kurniawan said.

But when the credit card is issued from the wallet, the dealer explained that the item must be unlocked to be used all over the world. Well, to do so subject to a fee of 23% of the price so that the whole becomes SG $ 903 or equivalent to $ 1000 .

Kurniawan was the idea. He had already ‘ill-fill’ with all sorts of costs. Once in the car, he told the driver his hotel rental car.

“It’s rubish (it’s crap). Almost cheated you,” said the driver who is often called Raymond’s.

Raymond also told many similar cases. Though the price of the goods sufficient listed. No further additions. Moreover, the cost for the functioning of the international gadget no.

“Be careful when shopping in Singapore. Here too there are merchants a fraud,” he added.

Porridge Recipe: Mushroom Chicken Porridge

Once in a while may also eat warm porridge for dinner. This one thick porridge topping it by sweet spiced chicken and mushroom savory delicious. A sprinkling of fried wonton skins and fried onions add chicken porridge this delicacy.


150 g rice fluffier, wash
1 liter of water
1 bay leaf
2 tsp salt

Chicken Stir-fry:
1 tbsp vegetable oil
½ tsp sesame oil
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 leek, sliced
250 g chicken meat, roughly chopped
100 g mushroom, sliced
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
½ teaspoon pepper
150 ml of water

Fried wonton skin
fried shallots
chicken broth

How to Make:
Boil water, bay leaves and salt.
Enter the rice, cook until rice is fluffy and soft.
Continue to cook until the rice becomes thick and creamy and lift.

Chicken Stir-fry:
Heat the vegetable oil and sesame oil until fragrant.
Saute the garlic until fragrant.
Add chicken, stirring until it’s white and rigid.
Enter mushroom pieces, stir until wilted.
Add oyster sauce, soy sauce, pepper and water.
Simmer until cooked and a bit dry and lift.
Put the puree in a serving bowl.
Give Saute chicken and topping on the cake.
Serve warm.

Serving for 4 servings.

Recipe Sushi: Jumbo Roll

Sushi fans are guaranteed satisfaction with sushi this one. In addition to filling too thick complete. Of kyuri, kani, tamago unagi up. Solid rolled up more steady. Do not forget to dip in shoyu and wasabi before chewing. Oishii!

10 g kyuri / zucchini
20 g omelette / tamago
braised mushroom sauce
2 pieces kani / crab stick
20 g roasted unagi
200 g – 250 g rice suhi

How to Make:
Cut kyuri, omelette and mushrooms lengthwise.
Place the nori on the makisu (part rough nori is facing up).
Averaged over the entire surface of sushi rice nori.
Arrange kyuri, mushroom, kani, unagi and tamago in the middle.
Give a little fish powder.
Roll up solid and he hit good form.
Cut in half and then cut each into 4 pieces.
Serve immediately.

Serving for 8 servings.

UN Thinkin ‘Iron Man’ to War

In the film world, ala Iron Man robot used by Tony Stark to keep the peace by fighting against evil. So, what if the robot was actually used in a real war?

Iron Man style armor does not can not be achieved by humans sometime in the future, even the United Nations agencies (UN) agreed that robots could be used for war.

Yes, the UN is considering robot equipped with weapons to be used in a real battlefield. But on the other hand, the UN did not want the robot is used to kill humans.

Currently, the UN is still unsure of the robot is able to correctly identify the target automatically without human intervention.

Indeed, the use of robots or policies ala Iron Man armor in the battlefield is still raw. However, if realized, that science fiction films on the screen crowded closer to the real world.