Make progress in online transcription

Transcript online continues to grow as an integral part of professional services. Although it is generally with the legal and medical professions, transcription online offers a range of services for a variety of professions (real estate, business, small business, education) as well as for personal use oriented.

The main advantage lies in the fact Transcription Internet, although the information is transmitted digitally, each piece of content is managed by one person. This allows the service provider to easily customize and adapt the documentation requirements specific to the customer. Continue reading “Make progress in online transcription”

Facts about credit repair companies, you need to know

Credit repair companies have a field day with the current state of the economy. People who profit responsibility for the debt due to job losses from this service are. Others are bombarded with calls and e-mail offers to do the same. Before you give such an option there are some things you need to know.

If you have more debt than you can handle, you may find yourself in a position to take over. This policy is standard when working with these consultants repair. Often neglect to tell you that their services are not free. Never accept this service without getting anything disclosed.

Many of the things that these advisors do for you, you can do yourself. It costs you nothing but time. You can your creditors and let them know that you are in financial difficulty, and see if they change the terms of your payment to give you a budget, you can easily manipulate. You will find that many agree when it comes to the development of a Memorandum comes with you. They prefer to have their money back more slowly than not at all.

If you are able to cope with the problems more than you and treat you nowhere with your creditors, you can get help from experts. A reputable company will come with instructions. If they fail in a satisfactory manner, go to another counselor. Continue reading “Facts about credit repair companies, you need to know”

Factors Minimize Bounce Rate Online Store

Bounce Rate is the percentage of the number of visitors who immediately leave a website or blog when he had opened a page. Either by direct close the tab, accessing another URL, etc.. The value of Bounce Rate can be known through various statistical programs. One of them is Google Analytic. If your website is listed on Google Analytic early on, then the administrator dashboard you’ll instantly appear Bounce Rate statistics that have been calculated by Google.

We certainly do not want visitors just leave our online store. For visitors who interest with the products we sell at least also have to look the other pages that are interested in making a transaction. Hence, Bounce Rate a website should be minimized as much as possible. How? Here I show you some of the factors that affect Bounce Rate is based on our experience managing
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Chinese paper Torture

The latest craze of “powerful” can be evaluated from two recent “trial balloons.” The first balloon is a quote from The Economist: “The idea that the central bank could adopt their debts or restructuring of the zero-coupon debt is on the rise.”

The second balloon was made by Mr. Michael Snyder, who need an article titled “What if it would remove a financial system that is to borrow the need for the federal government, which would eliminate wrote increased for the Federal Reserve, which would in practice the fractional reserve banking and dethrone stop the big banks? ” Continue reading “Chinese paper Torture”

Constructing Simple Bookkeeping for Your Business

Why make books? If a business wants to sustain / survive a long time, then bookkeeping is one of the elements that should not be overlooked. At first glance it may seem complicated bookkeeping. But if we know the right steps, it makes keeping up to become a financial statement is actually very easy. Well, this time I will give a little theory, may be useful.

Collect and Analyze Data Transactions

Bookkeeping process starts from the data collection process financial transactions in the form of proof of payment transactions. Evidence can take the form of payment transaction receipt, certificate, promissory note, notes, etc.. From the evidence obtained, and then performed the identification and analysis of the transaction to determine the validity of the value and status of the transaction.

Creating Transaction Journal Continue reading “Constructing Simple Bookkeeping for Your Business”

Fishing Stores Online Traffic with Google Adwords

When doing a Google search, maybe sometimes we find ads that are relevant to the keyword will be displayed in the yellow box at the top and right side of Google. Now that the Google Adwords service users. Without SEO efforts, their ads will be displayed properly search results.

Adwords itself is a paid service. So if you want to use, then you should know first how the Google Adwords to get the maximum results. Here I will share any information that needs to be considered. Hopefully useful.


To sign up for Google Adwords, then you must have a GMAIL account first. Then please register your Gmail account into Google Adwords Contents complete data + your credit card data. Yes, indeed to activate your Google Adwords, you must have a credit card first. Payments will be withdrawn from your credit card. Continue reading “Fishing Stores Online Traffic with Google Adwords”

Learning to live without

America is unique in the world as a great nation with a culture of consumerism. Sometimes I can not believe that people go to lengths to get what they want. The savings rate in the U.S. is ridiculous. Compared to other countries, the United States has one of the lowest savings rates in the world. This, combined with the fact that the debts and loans are out of control, is a recipe for disaster.

The next decade will be a big change, not by choice but by necessity. Americans can no longer be irresponsible spenders and macroeconomic fundamentals will force them to change. At some point, you might wonder why you need to pay two large flat-screen HDTV, a laptop, desktop and tablet, Acura and the biggest house for your content. Moreover, the pressure to maintain this lifestyle cause tremendous stress, which can affect your health and even shorten your life. Why do people find it necessary to look like everyone else and what they did? We teach our children that have 2 or 3 iPods, because they want to assign different colors her outfits is OK. Young women want to grow and engagement rings, weddings are elaborate and expensive horrified if their date for a coupon at a fancy restaurant, because it was considered a sign of being cheap and not in a position to meet their needs. This is madness! To be rich and financially free, is not more or better stuff to the other person does not need to do to take care of their personal finances. Reflect a life of competition with other content, have cars, houses and things to get there, but take on the path of debt and depression. Instead, learn to live without. This does not mean not having any of these things, but it is necessary for you. Wise with your money Buy a Ford or Chevrolet instead of a luxury car. Buy a smaller house and leave a little room in your budget for peace of mind. Own computer and find a way to share with others. Use coupons and buy items on sale or used. Unlike marketing, we see every day, happiness is not the result of what you have. Continue reading “Learning to live without”

Selling Online Cycle Same with Dating ?

“Selling online is like dating,” according to the statement I quoted from Danton Prabawanto, founder PT. Beon Intermedia. How so? Because according to him, selling online is not separated from the following: Search Attention, Shoot, and dating. Interested to know more? Let’s look at the description.

Attract (Search Attention)

At the launch of the online store, the first thing to do is look for attention. Of course, through the preaching. “The more excited the more widespread the news of a brand will be known” as an expression of one marketing technique called buzz marketing. You may believe it or not, but historical, never change the name of one of the regions in the map of the United States for one year only to create a media frenzy. Continue reading “Selling Online Cycle Same with Dating ?”

Some reasons for you to take the gold trade

Gold is a precious metal that has a high demand in every country of the world. Most rich and poor countries have their own gold reserves are used as a buffer against inflation. Even a household has a few ounces of gold through jewelery. When these gold reserves could be converted to cash. This is because the price of the precious metal is so stable.

If you trade in gold as your business, you are a commodity whose value does not have to do fall. He is always on the upward trend. However, there are failures to gold prices. This is when you buy your gold to sell when things need to get back to normal again. The good thing is that you make never worried that prices will remain for a long time, which makes it difficult for you to sell to your purchases, to make a profit is low.

In recent years, we have never heard gold prices down and remain low. If it falls in a few days or even a few hours the price will rise. Why gold is trading is to do a good business. It is not necessary that a special software to analyze trends have. Instead, you can buy gold when the price is low and sell when the price goes up. You do not need to be an expert on the analysis of trends for this type of negotiations. This is one reason why most people prefer the gold trade to those in the business world again. Continue reading “Some reasons for you to take the gold trade”

Fishing Traffic Shop Online with Facebook Ads

I think almost every netizen in Indonesia recognize Facebook. In fact most would have used it. Therefore, advertise products through Facebook can be fairly on target. Service advertising on Facebook Ads will be displayed on the right sidebar of your Facebook page. If you are interested in using Facebook Ads, then you must know the following rules:


You must register an account on Facebook Ads first. They will review enrollment data + your credit card data. Then after your account is active, then you can start writing your ad content.
Continue reading “Fishing Traffic Shop Online with Facebook Ads”