Internet Censorship Policies in Different Hemisphere

In the picture at the top can look at a map and description of the color which symbolizes the conditions imposed censorship of the internet in the country.

OpenNet Initiative (a joint project to monitor and report on Internet censorship practices in the world) classify any censorship or filtering going on in the country in four areas of activity:

1. Politics: Censorship on the views and information as opposed to current government programs, to censor the opinions relating to human rights, freedom of expression, minority rights, and religious movements.

2. Social: Sensors on the views and information deemed as offensive or socially sensitive, such as sexuality, gambling, drugs and alcohol.

3. Conflict / Security: Sensor to display and information related to armed conflicts, border disputes, separatist movements, and militant groups. Continue reading “Internet Censorship Policies in Different Hemisphere”

HYIP Investment

Some folks pay their whole life troubled to earn enough cash, in order that once they ar previous, they’ll retire to a beautiful destination and revel in the remaining of their life. Today’s baby boomers ar coming up with for retirement at younger ages than previous generations ever did. several people arrange to travel from our homes annually, in search of lovely spots, once we can retire. whether or not it’s by the water, within the mountains or close to the desert, we’ll want cash to buy our vacations.

A solution would be to easily deposit a neighborhood of our financial gain at some bank. however the reality is that banks had and can continuously have a very low rate. a number of US might feel terribly unhappy by this state of things. that’s why I actually have to mention that i’m very happy High Yield Investment Programs (or merely HYIP’s) were fabricated. Continue reading “HYIP Investment”

6 Things You Taught Spongebob on Business

Spongebob Squarepants Serial apparently not merely entertainment with jokes-jokes are silly, sometimes crisp, absurd, yet hilarious. When examined, there are some business lessons sometimes implicitly tucked in certain episodes. Like what?

1. Spongebob had the integrity to their work

In the episode “Just One Bite”, Spongebob Squidward caught coming to the Krusty Krab at 3 pm. Apparently, Spongebob has always come so early to calculate the Krabby Patty sesame seeds which he would later serve to customers. Although it may seem to dictate, this high integrity prepare if you want to grow your business.

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Prepare Your Online Store for the Year 2013

Now, the public has been trained to conduct online transactions. So do not be surprised if in 2013, the business model of the online store will be more trendy. If you are one of the online store owner, then you should start preparing your online store to be highly competitive. What is it? Here we provide a checklist 10 of them. May be useful;

1. Make a routine schedule product update

Just because your website is running, does not mean your work has been completed. You should start planning a schedule containing when you have to update the product. Later, with a timetable, you have the possibility to increase the ranking of a website in the eyes of search engines, as well as reach out to potential new customers.

2. Maximize SEO
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Increase Sales Value with Cross Selling

Some time ago a colleague told me if he had just bought a camera at an outlet. Once the camera deal, Customer Service at outlet advised to buy special bags to keep the camera once more safe. Well, perhaps this kind of experience we often encounter in everyday life. Not without reason, because consciously or not when it’s Customer Service is conducting the activities referred to as cross selling. That is the concept of using product sales as a major trigger for the next sale. Cross selling is basically the art of selling one very interesting. Because with this technique, we allow resale after the first sale has occurred, because of the linkage requirements. Just like the story of my colleagues earlier. He started as a plan to buy a camera alone, so finally decided to buy a camera bag anyway.

Well, to implement cross selling techniques appropriate process, there are several factors that you should know. Include the following:
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Improving Transaction Value Method Through Up Selling

Once before I have discussed about cross-selling methods to increase the number of sales, so this time I will invite you to find out a more effective method to increase the value of the transaction. His name method Up Selling.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of someone you know who originally wanted to buy a laptop model A, but in the end decided to buy a model B, either because the specifications or better shape, but obviously the price is also more expensive. Well, what happened to your partner is called Up Selling of the seller.
I think it is quite interesting Selling Up method to be applied in business. For this method, an increase in the sales value of course will lead to an increase in income for us. But Up Selling yourself basically do not always succeed in practice. There are several steps that you should follow if you want to increase the percentage of success of the method Up Selling. Include the following:

1. Provide the opportunity for customers to choose Continue reading “Improving Transaction Value Method Through Up Selling”

Building a Positive Workplace Dynamics

Your website is your shop window on the internet, which means grouping, it is very important to keep it clean and orderly at all times. If something does not work, your customers or visitors to your site will see this and that could cause problems. They can let you know and expect it to be fixed and then do what they needed or they may leave and never return. None of these theories are good, so it is best to secure your website continually working properly. Continue reading “Building a Positive Workplace Dynamics”


Starting in 2013, the Russian Air Force (RFAF) will begin to take off the camouflage gray color on the fighter. Russia will use some new color pattern for the fighter, RIA Novosti news agency quoted a source in the Russian Defense Ministry on Wednesday last December.

Earlier, also in the same day, celebrated in the Russian newspaper “Izvestia” reported that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has criticized his predecessor Anatoly Serdyukov (formerly Defence Minister) who painted all aircraft using only shades of gray. He said that, from 2013 different colors will be used depending on the terrain around the air base.

The decision to use a variety of colors to suit the needs of this previously had been applied by the Russian Air Force. “In the past, the Russian air force planes were painted with different colors, but when the defense minister Serdyukov, the procedure is eliminated and the aircraft began to be painted with the color gray,” said a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told RIA Novosti. Continue reading “NEW PAINT SCHEME WAR AIRCRAFT RUSSIA”

Prevent Uric Acid

Generally uric acid will be removed from the body through the stool (feces human body) or urine. Everyone has uric acid in the body, but levels should not be excessive. At each metabolism produces uric acid. The human body actually provides 85 percent of purine compounds for their daily needs. Thus, only about 15% of the consumption of purine needs to be entered in our bodies. Well, if we consume excessive purine substances, the levels will accumulate in the body. Kidney trouble or was unable to dispose of uric acid, hence the longer levels were piled up in the body. Due to accumulation of excess uric acid levels, the body will experience arthritis disorder or disturbance in one or more joints accompanied by pain, swelling, and pain.

Make the gout sufferers experiencing limited mobility due to pain and swelling in the joints. It really is not desired by anyone! For this reason, each person needs to run a lifestyle and a healthy diet.
Here are some tips to prevent uric acid:

  1. Gout diet. Namely, restrictions on foods that contain high purine, sufficient caloric intake, adequate intake of carbohydrate, low-calorie food intake and low fat.
  2. Many consume drinking water can help get rid of purines in the body. Avoid drinking ice.
  3. Consumption of fruits that contain lots of vitamin C, especially citrus and strawberries. Vitamin C can help prevent excess uric acid.
  4. Expand consume diets containing high potassium found in potatoes, avocado, milk, yogurt, and bananas.
  5. If you want to take drugs that can prevent or cure gout, then choose a remedy made from natural, such as Seed, brotowali, green tea, and others.
  6. Avoid stress or fatigue work.
  7. Sexual activity may also help prevent gout. Because sex can facilitate the production of urine that can lower uric acid levels in the body.
  8. Beware for those overweight (obese). Because obese people generally have the potential uric acid levels are rapidly rising, but spending less. Instead, get your body weight to prevent gout.

Causes of Uric Acid

Uric acid attack someone with knows no boundaries of age and gender. Well someone young or old, or male or female, are very susceptible to gout. Of course this is quite worrying. Moreover, we know the impact of gout is not only making the joints become painful, swollen, or inflamed.
If the disease has led to chronic symptoms, will cause a lot of harm to the patient. In addition to extreme pain that caused by the gout sufferer, for any necessary treatment time and cost can not be said a little.

Many of the risks that can be caused from gout. One of them heart disease and several other chronic diseases. Therefore it is important for us to know the cause of gout. That way, we can anticipate early gout. If we are already experiencing symptoms of gout, we can reduce the things that cause uric acid, so the disease is not getting worse.
The following are some of the causes of gout include:

  1. Hormonal and genetic factors can cause a person to suffer from gout. It can be said, heredity can have a big impact on someone.
  2. Too much consumption of food products that contain high levels of purines can cause gout, such as meat, offal, nuts. If we could potentially suffer from gout, need to avoid foods with a high purine content.
  3. Metabolism is not perfect and does not work optimally can be the cause of gout. One of them happens to patients with diabetes or diabetes terkonrolnya This is because the exhaust high fat metabolism.
  4. Increased uric acid can also be caused due to consumption of medical drugs continuously, highly vulnerable to gout. Similarly, the levels of alcohol beverages.
  5. Obesity or overweight can cause a person to suffer from gout. Similarly, skin diseases, and high triglyceride levels.