U.S. home sales dropped, hit the market

U.S. Commerce Department data earlier fix issued, the new home sales in September were to be dropped.

Sales of new single-family homes in the U.S. fell by 0.3% in October to 368,000 pieces, most of which come down in price in the Northeast, which was hit by Hurricane Sandy, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday (28/11)

This figure increased by 17.2% from a year ago. Even so, new home sales in September, an improvement from the data published previously. Party finally stated that the Department of Commerce in September, a decline in new home sales and sold only 369.000 from initial estimates of 389 000. Some parties also expect sales in October will undergo stability with only 390 000 due to the large number of stock at the moment.

Governor of the Central Bank Governor of the Bank of Canada will replace Britain

Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney is believed to replace the bank of England Governor Mervyn King as head of the Bank of England in the next year.

The news was revealed by the British government on Monday (26/11). On the news, financial markets where the trading immediately respond GBP / USD moved up.

That choice is the result of the consideration that Carney was one of the top bankers today are believed to create financial stability after replacing Mervin King in June.

As someone who once worked with financial stability, Carney will run anything that was mandated from the G20 meeting. Carney is a prominent figure in the current generation of bankers.

If the appointment is the case, then Carney will lead the BoE over the next five years.